How to Make a Professional Blog Free 2022 Right Now Guide -

 How to Make a Professional Blog Free 2022 Guide

Generally, if we make a blog professionally, it will cost us some money. For example, we have to buy a domain for this and we have to buy hosting. Generally, the price of a good hosting service is very expensive. The lowest shared hosting like this costs roughly $30.Similarly, we need a domain to create a blog. Domain is something that is required for our blog. For example, we can show

But today you don't need domain hosting and other stuff as we are going to tell you. Because we are using the blogger platform today. This platform gives us domain and hosting for 100% free. Therefore, as mentioned above, no money is required.

What is Blogger | What is

Blogger is an American web-based content administration framework which empowers multi-client online journals with time-stepped passages. Pyra Labs created it prior to being procured by Google in 2003. Google has the websites, which can be gotten to through a subdomain of The meaning of contributing to a blog is the most common way of composing a blog, a web-based diary in which you share your contemplations about a specific subject with perusers. An instance of contributing to a blog is the point at which you compose an internet based diary about the advancement of your new home form. action word.

Here's Steps Make a Professional Blog Free

Step 1 - Visit

Step 2 - Tap Sign In Option

Step 3 - Now Choose Create Blog Option

Step 4 - Now Add your blog title (Name)

Step 5 - Enter your blogger domain name Like (

Step 6 - Go to settings and enable description Option

Step 7 - Tap New Post Option And write more articles

Here's Full Video. This video introduce all basic things and other important blogger settings

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