How To upload High Quality Images On Facebook

 How To upload High Quality Images On Facebook

How To upload High Quality Images On Facebook

Facebook is an American multinational technology group based in Menlo Park, California. The company is the parent organization of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp among other affiliates
Facebook is a great tool to share your pictures online with friends and family. 

Most of us do this regularly, but photographers will often compress their images too hard. You’ve probably uploaded a nice looking photo to your computer, but once on Facebook it was soft and not so good! This guide will give you the top tips on uploading pictures to Facebook and keeping them as quality as possible.

I will cover the optimal sizes, file types and other tips to get the most out of your image.

Tips 1 -  Optimized your Picture

Blurred image is a result of poor optimization, a side effect of Facebook extending the original image you uploaded.If you upload a very small or low resolution image, Facebook will lengthen the image to fit your profile window.To resolve this issue, upload a high quality image.

How To upload High Quality Images On Facebook

You should definitely aim for the 30 MB limit on Facebook for an image.The reason is that a high quality image is not affected by elongation and the contraction of a high resolution photo does not cause blur pixeling.

Tips 2 -  Focus on the export option

Usually before we upload a photo to Facebook we make some changes to it.For example, we put these photos in an application like Lightroom Snapseed and make a small edit. Even if you do not know it, when you edit photos through an application like this, your photo quality will decrease.

How To upload High Quality Images On Facebook

So one of the tips you should do is to take photos with a very good phone or camera and make the final photo you want using just a few very simple edits.Or adapt to editing photos only through a quality export app.

You should not upload your quality images on Facebook for the automatic compression process.If they recognize your photo as a large and mismatched dimension, they will try to reduce the file size and dimensions.With those things comes the loss of quality.

Heres Steps

Step 1 - Resize or make the canvas to 2048px on Longest Edge.

Step 2 -Use “Save for Web” option File–>Save for Web.

Step 3 -Reduce the quality by change the value to 70%.

Step 4 -Confirm whether your photo is set to the sRGB option.

Step 5 -Finally, upload your image on Facebook and make sure to tick “High Quality” checkbox, if it’s given.

* Tips 3 -Re-enable the Facebook high quality images upload option.

How To upload High Quality Images On Facebook

Step 1 – Delete Your Facebook App

Step 2 – Search On Google

Step 3 – Search High Quality Photos on Karunu Website

Step 4 – Now choose that article and download Facebook old interfaces

Step 5 – After Downloading Old Interface you can logged in to your Facebook account (high quality images on Facebook)

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